Meet Shadow
Animal ID 2000027196 
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Age 11 years 1 month 21 days 
Gender Male 
Color Black 
Declawed No 
You won't find a more proper cat than Shadow, who loves to sit with his paws crossed.

This sweet senior boy stole his foster mom's heart with his curiosity, his insistence on sitting nearby, and his little mumbles of conversation. He quickly trained her on a routine that involves second breakfast, evening playtime with toys, and a pre-sleep cuddle.

Shadow's idea of cuddling is squashing beside you, burrowing his head into your arm, or sleeping with you. While he's not a lap cat, he's filled with purrs when you pet him, particularly on his head. He's also highly huggable. His foster mom loves picking him up!

Shadow will nip gently or swat when he's had enough (and hard if keep bugging him). He will do best in a home that's had cats before and understands how they communicate their boundaries.

Shadow is slightly overweight. To help his activity, he really needs interactive playtime (he likes you to throw a toy for him to catch). He also prefers many tiny meals throughout the day (his foster mom is training him on an automatic feeder). For his joints, he prefers low seating (like folded blankets on the floor or dog pillows) and will do best in an apartment/bungalow, rather than house with many stairs.

Shadow was abandoned by his original owners and living as a stray for many years. He has shown a bit of food aggression while with other cats, so is likely best as a solitary pet. However, he loves people. He always greets new visitors and is especially comfortable and affectionate with men.

As an older cat, Shadow has arthritis in his back hips and has started Solensia injections once per month to alleviate pain. For his well-being and quality of life, a potential adopter will have to be able to continue this treatment for him. A home with minimal stairs would be the best environment for him. Likely because of his arthritis reducing his activity, he is also slightly overweight and is currently on a prescription metabolic food to help him lose the weight to relieve the pain on his joints caused by his weight gain. Luckily, Shadow is the chillest boy and his foster has no problem putting him in the carrier or behaving at the vets.

As a senior cat, Shadow requires yearly bloodwork to monitor his health. His next test will be due in August 2024. Shadow also has some mild tartar and may require dental surgery in 2024-2025. Like all ACR cats, Shadow has been treated for fleas and parasites. Shadow is negative for FIV and FeLV.

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