Meet Chester
Animal ID 2000015905 
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Age 2 years 2 months 21 days 
Gender Male 
Color Black/White 
Declawed No 
Chester is a friendly, energetic young cat who likes lots of attention and play. Chester opens up quickly to new people and makes himself right at home! He's playful, very affectionate, and people oriented (really likes to be in the space/company of people).If there is no stimulation for him during the day, he will sleep most of the day and be quite active at night (like zooming around the house) so an active household to keep him busy and having fun would be great! An ideal home would be able to give him attention throughout the day, and be large enough for him to run around.

He loves attention and being pet but also has his boundaries. He's very clear about what he wants (gentle biting when he wants to be alone, meowing when he wants to play). He will let you know when he's had enough of petting by getting up and walking away, flicking his tail, ears going back, etc. so, keep an eye out for his body language and give him some space to go have some solo time. He might attempt to nip at someone if his space is not being respected. But otherwise, he is a very sweet and loving soul.

Chester has been slowly and carefully introduced him to a couple of dogs, and he's gotten along very well and seemed to enjoy the company. He hasn't been around many kids but as long as they can respect his space they should get along well!

Like all ACR cats, Chester has been treated for fleas and parasites. Chester is negative for FIV and FeLV. Chester has high blood pressure, for which he requires daily medication and annual blood pressure readings. Chester also has hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy, which is a heart condition that causes thickening of the heart and may lead to decreased cardiac efficiency. This condition does not currently require any medication, but Chester does need regular cardiac ultrasound. Chester is next due for his blood pressure and heart check in August 2024.