Meet Sonny-Stratford
Animal ID 2000002000 
Species Dog 
Breed Mixed Breed, Large (over 44 lbs fully grown)/Mix 
Age 1 year 8 months 6 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Color Black 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Unknown 
Site Stratford Perth Humane Society 
Location Adoption Dog 
Intake Date 7/13/2023 
Adoption Price $200.00 
Stage Available
Are you ready to welcome a lovable, larger-than-life companion into your family? Look no further than Sonny, a sweet and affectionate large breed dog who is on the hunt for the perfect forever home. With his heart of gold and playful spirit, Sonny is ready to become your new best friend.

~ Sonny is looking for a home with a single person, couple, or family with teenage children (16 years old & up) as he has resource guarding over food.
~ Sonny's sweetness knows no bounds. He's a gentle giant with a heart full of love and a desire to be a loyal companion. If you're seeking a furry friend who will shower you with affection and be a devoted member of your family, Sonny is the one you've been searching for.
~ Sonny is looking for a home without cats or other dogs, so is forever home can help work with his resource guarding.
~ Sonny has a tendency to guard his food resources, which means he needs to be fed separately or crated during mealtime. This behavior can be managed with the right approach, and Sonny is looking for a family who understands resource guarding and is committed to working on this aspect of his behavior. With patience and positive reinforcement, he'll learn to feel secure during mealtime and build trust in his new home.
~ Sonny is a playful boy who enjoys games of tug of war and chasing after a tennis ball. His enthusiasm for playtime is infectious, and he'll keep you entertained for hours with his playful antics. If you're an active individual or family who loves interactive play, Sonny will be your perfect playmate.
~ Sonny is seeking a home with experienced dog owners who understand large breed dogs and are knowledgeable about resource guarding. He will thrive in a home with children who are at least 16 years old, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. Sonny's ideal family will be committed to ongoing training, helping him refine his manners and build confidence in his forever home.

Don't miss the chance to make Sonny a cherished member of your family. His loving nature and playful spirit are ready to bring joy and laughter into your home. If you have the experience and dedication to provide Sonny with the guidance he needs, you'll be rewarded with a loyal and loving companion for life. Come meet Sonny and discover the incredible bond that awaits you both!

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**Please remember that animals are coming back from foster care to the centres for their meet
and greets. They will be experiencing a new environment and meeting new people, which means
they may not exhibit the same behaviours they did in their foster videos or while in foster care.

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