Meet Skittlez
Animal ID 52450554 
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Age 1 year 4 months 11 days 
Gender Female 
Location Main Adoption 
Intake Date 4/16/2023 
Stage Available
Introducing Skittlez: The Stunning Calico Who Captivates Hearts!

Skittlez, an exquisite calico, possesses a shy nature that adds an air of mystery to her already enchanting presence. Once graced by her trust, she unfolds her heart and warms up to each and every person she encounters.

Indulging in basking in the glorious sunlight, Skittlez relishes in the simple pleasure of unwinding after a long day. However, what truly ignites her soul is discovering a cozy, snug nook to revel in.
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