Meet Basilisk
Species Dog 
Breed Feist/Mix 
Age 1 year 5 months 24 days 
Gender Male 
Size Medium 
Adoption Price $200.00 
Basilisk is a goofy little pup. He can jump really high and thinks he's a tough guy...but he's also terrified of all new things. Once he makes friends with you, he absolutely adores attention and will cuddle as often as you allow. He still shows a lot of the silliness and playfulness of a puppy but is also becoming a champion snuggler.

Basilisk is crate trained and house trained, although he will sometimes wet himself if something really scares him.

Basilisk gets along with cats. New dogs terrify him, so he will try to keep them at a distance by acting as mean and intimidating as he can. If he has the opportunity to get used to a new dog gradually over the course of several weeks, he can eventually co-exist, but it does need to be a slow process. He does not handle children well, so he is looking for a home without kids - we think he would do ok with teenagers as long as they take things slow and give him time.

Basilisk may start out a little prickly at first, but once you make it into his inner circle, he's such a fantastic dog. He is infectiously happy and a total love bug. He'll be your best friend for the rest of his life if you give him the chance!