Meet Lyra
Species Dog 
Breed Great Dane 
Age 11 months 14 days 
Gender Female 
Size Large 
Adoption Price $300.00 
I'd like to reintroduce Lyra to the world!! She is a Great Dane puppy looking for a very special adopter. Lyra came to her foster family with the Stray Animal Adoption Program as a tiny emaciated puppy. After lots of tests and specialty vet visits, she was diagnosed with congenital Megaesophagus (ME) with a vascular ring anomaly (PRAA). She has fully recovered from her corrective heart surgery in January, however her ME will remain with her for life. Over the last several months, Lyra's support network has been working hard to get her ready for adoption. Her ME is managed through special preparation of regular kibble (no prescription food needed), special feeding protocols with a special chair called a Bailey chair, and some simple environmental modifications. Lyra takes only one medication twice daily that costs $12/month. She is professionally trained and will receive lifetime support from her trainer. Lyra is eligible for our foster to adopt program and her foster family will be happy to ease her transition to her forever family in any way possible. This girl is the sweetest, derpiest Great Dane puppy you ever will meet!! She loves to cuddle, has no idea of her size, drools like no other, and is well socialized with kids and other dogs. She has lots of energy that she is happy to channel playing fetch or doing yard zoomies!! Although Lyra is small for a Great Dane, she is a large dog. She is currently weighing in at 70 pounds and will likely continue to grow for at least the next year. You can search her prior posts at #lightuplyraslife