Meet Brad Pitbull
Animal ID 54781955 
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier/Mix 
Age 2 years 2 months 2 days 
Gender Male 
Size Medium 
Color Grey/White 
Declawed No 
Site Heritage Humane Society 
Intake Date 11/14/2023 
Meet our special guy, Brad Pittbull! Handsome like his namesake and equally as sweet as he is handsome!

Get ready to be charmed by this handsome 3-legged APBT! Brad Pittbull, at the tender age of 1, is already a legend in the making. With his chiseled features and smoldering gaze, he's giving the real Brad Pitt a run for his money.
Don't let the missing leg fool you - this pup's faster than a speeding paparazzi (and just as hard to catch a good photo of!). He may take the occasional tumble worthy of a dramatic movie scene, but he always bounces back with a grin that could melt hearts.

Brad Pittbull originally came to us as a stray and wouldn't put any weight on his front right leg. He went straight to our local emergency vet where they tried to get his dislocated shoulder back where it was supposed to be. Unfortunately, they were unable to put humpty dumpty back together again, so it was decided that limb amputation was the best course of action. Brad did well through his surgery and is currently adjusting well to being a tripod. Now that he is healed up, he is ready for the role of a lifetime: Your Bestest Friend. Are you are ready to audition to be his beloved co-star?

Brad's a true cuddlebug - think "Thelma and Louise" snuggles, not "Fight Club" brawls. He's more brawn than brain, but his enthusiasm makes up for his occasional clumsiness. Think less "Ocean's Eleven" mastermind, and more "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" antics.

Here are some words from Brad Pitbull's foster:
True to pitty form, Brad is a snuggle bug with no regard for his size or the fact that his head is the size of a watermelon! He's a lap dog, and he WILL fit on your lap - just trust him!
He loves being outside! A fenced-in yard would be a dream for sunbathing and zoomies with doggie friends. Sometimes he forgets he's missing a leg and ends up face-planting when trying to keep up! (Chin guard, anyone?) He also tends to slip and slide on hardwood floors, so be prepared to help him out with some rugs and runners.
Brad's friendliness knows no bounds (we're working on it!). Once he calms down, he loves cuddles, scratches, and being told what a good boy he is (because he IS!). A bonus: he doesn't bark! He'll happily watch the world from the window, greeting every passerby as a potential new friend. If you're looking for a guard dog, keep looking!
He's never met a toy he doesn't like - but be warned, he's a power chewer! Stock up on tough toys for this guy. Brad also loves food! He uses a slow feeder bowl and sticks to a dog-food-only diet (no people food!). His passion for hydration means he'll gulp water bowls in a flash, so mats under his water dish are a must!
He does well in the car and sleeps in his own bed at night (though he might try to sneak into yours!). Brad likes to follow you around the house, likely due to some separation anxiety. We've been working on this, and it's improving! He has relationships with trainers who can help continue his journey.
He may have lost a leg, but not a step! Brad's completed Adult Level 1 training and is eager to become a VGB (very good boy)! His high energy means he'd love an active home that can guide him, especially someone strong enough to work on his leash manners. He'd thrive in a home with other confident dogs to teach him boundaries and how to play rough. Due to his excitement, he's best in a home without cats and ideally without small children.