Meet Sunny
Species Dog 
Breed Chihuahua, Short Coat/Mix 
Age 2 years 8 months 29 days 
Gender Male 
Size Small 
Adoption Price $200.00 
Thanks so much for reading about me! My name is Sunny and I'm a two year old chihuahua mix. I weigh about 20 pounds so I'm little. Foster mom said I should tell you all the great things about me. Let's see, I don't take up much room and I love to cuddle. I like friendly dogs and I like to go for walks. Mom said I have to tell you the not so great too so here goes. I'm young so I'm still working on manners. I'm also working on potty training. I like to chew on things because again, working on manners. I also sometimes completely forget how to get along with my dog friends over toys but I'm working on that too. I also love to bark at cats. Mom says I am probably fine with dog savvy ones because the ones in my foster house just stay away from me. I would love a home with someone who will continue to work with me.