Meet Rafi
Species Dog 
Breed Cur, Mountain/Mix 
Age 5 months 1 day 
Gender Female 
Size Large 
Adoption Price $300.00 
Rafi is ready to find her forever home! She's a very high energy puppy who would do best with an active adopter.

What Rafi has is a huge personality! She LOVES to play fetch, is curious about everything, and loves water. You will not find a funnier dog!

Whether she's dive bombing you with her toy to demand some fetch time, throwing her metal bowl in the air while you're trying to watch a movie, chasing her tail, or doing somersaults, she will keep you laughing!

Rafi needs an adopter commited to professional training. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body but she ignores the word "no" and does not respect when other dogs tell her they've had enough. This girl likely missed out on crucial playtime with her mom and siblings as a baby so she just doesn't understand when she nips too hard or when other dogs are done playing. We have learned when she starts getting too mouthy and wound up, a brief time out for a nap helps her be her best self. She reminds me of a toddler that starts acting out when they get overly tired.

While she would not intentionally hurt a child, she would absolutely steal food and toys from them so at least 10+ years would be best for her so they can stick up for themselves when she gets too wound up or tries to steal food. My 12 year old sons have learned to keep a spray bottle nearby when sitting down to eat.

Rafi also has some swelling in her legs that we couldn't find a cause for but all of her bloodwork has come back normal. It has improved and hopefully will continue to decrease over time.

Rafi is definitely a lot of puppy but she is still young and has the potential to be an amazing dog with the right training and patience. Also, did I mention how funny she is?!?