Meet Daisy
Species Dog 
Breed Hound/Mix 
Age 1 year 1 month 2 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Adoption Price $200.00 

Holy moly, is this sweet girl something! Daisy is ready to check in to her forever home, lick your face and never leave your side.

This stage-five clinger is a young, mixed breed female, 27 pounds of bitty baby girl, chill energy with occasional zoomies (parkour, anyone?), who loves EVERYTHING - other dogs, cats, and kids alike. She seems to prefer to play with her male puppy friends, but sleeps with my female resident who is a grumpy goose. She does like to chase my ducks, so if you have anxiety-ridden ducks like I do, she'll need to be kept away from them.

Walks are a breeze with this girl - doesn't pull, easy on the lead, frequent check ins. She takes treats so gently too; it's almost like you have to convince her that the treat really is for her.

Daisy takes a few minutes to warm up and trust new people, but once she does she is a velcro dog. She wants nothing more than to be close to her favorite humans and scratched behind the ears.

Crate-training was a breeze with her. Though she initially doesn't like to go in the crate (who does?), she is quiet and reserved while in there during the day. She prefers to sleep in the same room as her people and we are working on staying all night in the crate.

Daisy was previously a stray then shelter dog, which is hardly conducive to appropriate bathroom manners. She is working on her potty training skills and is already making huge strides!

If you think Daisy sounds like she's meant to be your fur-ever, apply for her today at . Reply to your approval email that you are interested in a no obligation meet and greet to see this sweet girl!