Meet Daisy (Jones)
Species Dog 
Breed Hound/Mix 
Age 1 year 6 months 22 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Adoption Price $200.00 
Attention - Special Medical Pup!

SAAP Nation, I'd love to reintroduce Daisy, the sweetest, happiest 1-yr old hound mix you'll ever meet!

Daisy is about 35 lbs. - she loves all people including children, other dogs, and is pretty much scared of our cats so doesn't bother them. Her favorite things are hugs, snuggles, and wrestling and playing with the other dogs and pups in our home non-stop. She's also fully house and crate trained. She's easy to walk, and doesn't pull much. She does tend to guard her favorite treats and bones, so she gets those in her crate. Daisy is also a velcro dog, and would love to be next to her favorite person as much as possible.

Daisy was recently diagnosed with several significant congenital heart defects. After consultation with multiple medical professionals and surgeons, we don't believe heart surgery will help but three tiny heart pills twice a day are her best current treatment. She takes them easily with peanut butter! Daisy will be on her heart meds for life, and likely need occasional heart health checks. Daisy is currently in foster care, where we try to make every day special and fun, and full of her loves including chasing ice cubes, frozen pumpkin treats, non-stop playing, walks around the neighborhood, and all the snuggles! Honestly though, you would NEVER know her heart has any issues by watching her live life!

We don't know how long Daisy will get to be spoiled and loved daily. It could be months, but it could be years! We're looking for the most amazing person (people) who would like to spoil exchange, you'll get nonstop, unapologetic love and kisses - whole-hearted devotion! SAAP will also be willing to consider a foster-to-adopt situation in addition to assistance with future medical care. We, as Daisy's current foster, will be fully available for any help needed.

Daisy will not be attending weekly adoption events, but if you are interested in adopting her or taking her under your wing, please fill out an application at!