Meet Shorty
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, Jack Russell/Mix 
Age 5 years 5 months 29 days 
Gender Male 
Size Small 
Adoption Price $200.00 
I have a treat for the SAAP nation! Shorty has finally finished his meds and it now available for adoption!

This sweet boy has made it to a healthy weight at 19/20 lbs! He came in at 17 lbs and we could see his ribs ?? he is so much better with food now!

He is a submissive dog with my residents who are 24 and 12 pounds. He loves toys and will play with my other dogs but mostly he loves to destroy them ??

He is fine with my cat, he has barked when she swiped at him but has not gone after her.

He is good with my 9 month old infant with supervised interactions which should always be the case at that age.

If you're still reading you are amazing! Shorty came into SAAP rescue with heartworm and finished his meds with gusto! He then battled a UTI and has finished his meds for that, so he is finally cleared to find his forever home!

Shorty is great on walks and I would recommend them because he is still working on house training, but he is great with a few walks a day! He does not need a fence.

Shorty has had one seizure during his time with us, but no more. You need to be cognizant of that but there are no major issues as his blood work has been cleared by our vet.

We've had Shorty since the beginning of April so we have found out about all his quirks! He really just wants to cuddle and be around his people no matter what you're doing! He stands hopefully at our baby's high chair because he wants crumbs ?????

Shorty was found as a stray and had a rough life before coming to us, but even with all that he is the most loving dog. He is the only one out of our three dogs that will sit by the door waiting for us ??