Meet Pablo
Species Dog 
Breed Norwegian Elkhound/Mix 
Age 12 years 2 months 15 days 
Gender Female 
Size Large 
Adoption Price $50.00 
Pablo is a beautiful girl with a heart of gold. She was surrendered when her owner became to ill to care for her. She is very gentle and loves everyone she has met. Gets along with other dogs. Cats unknown. She loves to wander the yard or just hang out on her bed. She does have some hearing loss so will startle if you come around suddenly into her view. She is not aggressive, just jumps a little bit. I love to watch her bound through the yard. She may be 12 and have some arthritis but she can move. She would prefer a home with few or no steps. She can currently climb my steps but does stumble if she tries to go too fast. It will likely become too much for her in the future. She is currently on 3 medications that will cost about $80 a month. (Kidney, arthritis and bladder)
She loves ear and chin scratches. If you want to be this girls hero take her home a spoil her the rest of her golden years.
12 yr old Elkhound mix. 45 lbs