Meet Lucy
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix 
Age 7 years 4 months 7 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Adoption Price $200.00 
It was such a joy to have SAAP in the studio this Valentine's Day with an incredible dog . . . LUCY.

When Lucy came to SAAP (Stray Animal Adoption Program) she was skinny skinny, with a sad sunken face and body...she had obviously not been cared for or loved in the way that all dogs deserve.

But that was then and this is now...and thanks to the love of an amazing foster family, Lucy has got her groove back! She is up to 45 pounds, her hair is growing back beautifully, her eyes are twinkling, her tail is wagging and that big old tongue is ready to give the bestest kisses!

She is available for adoption and is hoping to have a nice little area in which to run with a big playful friend, a comfy spot to nap, a squeaky toy, a chew toy (or an antler), an occasional stuffy to get to the center of, some food, an occasional treat and lots of pets....especially on her backside. (She'll let you know when it is ok to stop.)

Lucy is an estimated 6-7year old female American Staffordshire mix. She is mostly calm and quiet, but does get the zoomies and will bark with excitement now and then. She knows to sit on command, and that calms her a bit. She is housebroken and crate trained (but doesn't need one if your kitchen counters are kept clear of possible night snacking.)

Lucy is good with calm laid back little dogs, and cats. She will need a friend her size to keep her energy in check. Respectful older children or no children, as Lucy can be sometimes nervous around sudden movements.

Apply to adopt LUCY at

Stay tuned for lots more photos from her session today. She was a star!!!!