Meet Asa
Species Dog 
Breed Boxer/Retriever, Labrador 
Gender Female 
Size Large 
Adoption Price $200.00 
This beautiful soul for adoption. She would love a home probably as a only dog. Asa is loving with all people but is very scared when other dogs approach her to quickly. We always don't know much about dogs history but what we do know is Asa came to Saap pregnant hungry and scared. Asa gave birth to the most beautiful litter of 8. During this time momma and babies are kept inside and away from other animals until vaccines are given. Long story short Asa was introduced to other dogs and right away she was so frightened tail goes down. Slowly showing her with love and guided assistance she becomes ok. Does not enjoy a strange dog trying to get to close for kisses. Maybe another dog has got her scared from past? Loves all of foster grandkids and every person she meets. Lives foster mom and dad too ??