Meet Evie - Medical Hold
Animal ID 51556204 
Species Dog 
Breed Pug 
Age 8 months 21 days 
Gender Female 
Size Small 
Color Fawn 
Housetrained Unknown 
This precious pup is Evie. Puppies can be very active and exuberant and while she was with her littermates somehow Evie's eyes were scratched and injured. The injuries caused her eyes to ulcerate creating infection and inconceivable pain. Because of the severe trauma, saving her eyes was not possible and she recently had surgery to remove her little pug peepers. Although she has a lot of healing ahead and will need to learn to navigate through life without her sight, Evie is thriving.
She loves to eat which is a great way to get her medications into her. She is already a master snuggler and knows how to get attention with her little peeps, snuffles and snorts.
We are very thankful to the vet clinic team for their support with Evie and entrusting us with her care.