Meet Martha
Species Dog 
Breed Beagle/Mix 
Age 8 years 6 months 16 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Adoption Price $50.00 
Martha is a senior looking for her people to love her as she loves all with her whole heart. It would be bonus if she finds that perfect chair/spot to cuddle in and hang out with the family as that is her favorite! She was wonderful with foster's 6 yr old granddaughter as well.

Martha seems good with other dogs big and small but she sometimes takes a bit to warm up with some as she needs to feel safe. Martha is a co-exister as opposed to a dog that plays. Martha is good with cats.

She rides well in a car and loves looking out the window. Martha enjoys meeting people - constant tail wags. Martha does fairly well on a leash. She does enjoy a walk but loud vehicles ie- mail truck, school bus scare her. She tries to get as far away from the sound as possible. Martha has been on walks where her tails wags and she is happy the whole way but on others, when traffic higher with louder vehicles she would prefer that she stay in her yard!

Martha is good at the vet. Nail trims are okay. Baths she prefers not but will freeze while you bathe her. A brushing she is all for!

Martha is crate trained and has not had any accidents in her crate. As for potty training it is not 100%. You have to take her out regularly and give her the opportunity. She does not seem to have a grasp on communicating her needs quite yet but we are working on it!

You must know that Martha's past is unknown but we know she was bred several times and that she has some fears of the outside world. The noises can send her running inside.....a lawnmower, mail truck, or any strange noise she isn't used to. Because of this, she will need a patient adopter to give her the time to feel safe at a new place.

Martha is truly sweet and loving. She enjoys her pets and will look into your heart!