Meet Appaloosa
Species Dog 
Breed Great Dane/Mix 
Age 1 year 3 months 17 days 
Gender Female 
Size XL 
Adoption Price $300.00 
Appaloosa (Lucy for short) has cleared her health check and professional trainer assessment. Through these we discovered she is healthy as a horse and in a developmental stage known as a fear period (puppies go through 2 of these - similar to toddler and puberty fear periods in humans). New things, or even things she hasn't seen in a while, are currently a bit scary to her so she needs her people to show her it is okay.

PEOPLE - Kids top the list of scary things so we are recommending a home without them as we don't know if she will fully outgrow this fear (we have worked HARD on this one and she is doing better with my kids - even allowed some petting and gave them kisses while we had her leashed, but to be her best fit the home should not have children). She does great meeting adults, but is a BIG jumper and may try to give almost immediate face kisses. While crated she thinks almost everything is scary (sounds and sometimes even people she knows can make her freeze or start barking).

TRAINING- She would benefit from consistent training to build up her confidence and the relationship with her handler. She knows sit, down (this one is a little shaky and needs treat reinforcement), paw, and heel. She is crate trained and house trained with proper breaks (we did have a crate accident when she was left for 6 hours while we attended an out of state wedding - our normal length between potty breaks is 2-3 hours). The trainer who assessed her, Kendra Cross of KC4K9 Dog Training , is willing to meet with her adopter after adoption to help with tips and tricks to help her settle into her new home.

DOGS- She did AMAZING meeting the trainer's laid back dog but can be overwhelmed by a dog that meets her with barking. She is reactive to strangers' dogs she sees on walks so she needs her humans to be prepared for that. She is *NOT* a dog park dog but can live with another dog. She enjoys playing rough and pawing/putting her weight on her playmate so she needs a dog friend that enjoys rough play and is big/young enough to not be injured by her doing that.

CATS- She passed the cat test and was interested to play with them, but not fixated on them and alternated trying to play with them with ignoring them completely to play with toys and sniff around. When one cat bopped her in the nose she barked at him for a few seconds then lost interest.

This gorgeous girl is 100lbs of puppy and at a little over a year old she still has growing to do (likely she will be around 110-125 fully grown).

If you feel you would be her best fit home, please apply at!