Meet BoBo
Species Dog 
Breed Hound/Australian Cattle Dog 
Age 3 years 9 months  
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Adoption Price $200.00 
This is Bobo! I can describe him in many ways, but the most fitting is that he's simply special
-So special that the woman who rescued him wanted to keep him but couldn't
-So special that his shelter threw him a good bye party when he came to SAAP
-So special that his foster family would love to keep him if their dog was friendly
-So special that his trainer even debated keeping him

You read that right, Bobo has had a trainer to help him be his best self!

-Naturally a special boy like that would also need an equally special adopter. One who understands that it's ok to be scared at first and take things slow.
-That knows how important it is to allow a dog some time to adjust and feel safe. -Who's willing to keep up the training and really give this special boy a chance at a happily ever after.
-And who notices that not everyone is a social butterfly or necessarily loves being around other people

A couple more bullet points:
*Bobo loves other dogs, he plays as hard as he loves
*homes with little children are probably not a good fit as he still likes to jump and can get a little mouthy
*he likes to chase cats and most of them wouldn't appreciate that
*he does take a little time to warm up to people so patience is a must

If you are that special someone please reach out or fill out an application today!