Meet Linus
Species Dog 
Breed Shepherd/Mix 
Age 10 months 25 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Adoption Price $150.00 
Say hi to Linus! Linus is a Shephard mix and is around 40 lbs right now. Linus came to SAAP in a rough state. He was not only malnourished but terrified of everything. He did not come out of his crate and looked for the smallest areas to hide. However, thru weeks of patience and time with a trainer Linus is starting to heal and gain confidence. Linus is a love bug and loves attention from the people that he trusts. He is derpy and will prance during his walks. He is so smart and took to his training quickly because he is so eager to please. Anyone interested in adopting Linus must be dedicated to his healing process and further training. They must realize that while Linus has come a long way there are limitations to where he can go and in what conditions he can meet people and other dogs. Potential adopters will have to meet with his fosters and trainer to make sure they are educated on Linus needs and further progress. Linus has the potential to be a more amazing dog than he already is, but he needs an adopter ready to take him to the next step.