Meet Louis - ADOPTABLE
Animal ID 49550755 
Species Dog 
Breed Poodle, Standard 
Age 8 years 2 months 25 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Color White 
Housetrained Unknown 
Adoption Price $500.00 
Lively Louis is an active and joyful dog. He's got a serious sense of humor and keeps his foster family laughing with his pup like antics and joie de vivre. Louis thrives on attention and loves to be with his people. He becomes very excited when you return home and may entertain himself by snooping or sampling furniture while you're away so a crate or gated space is best. Louis is very passionate about playtime and does best with dogs of his own size and energy level. No small dogs or couch potatoes for this exuberant boy. Leash walking is a breeze until he sees a dog or person of interest. Similar to his play style he can become very excited and forget all manners in those situations. He is great in the car and loves to go for road trips. Louis has Atypical Addisons Disease that was misdiagnosed prior to becoming a Misfit. Years of being overmedicated was beginning to cause complications. Since arriving at Misfit Manor his health has been re-evaluated and he is doing great on a much lower and more appropriate dose of medication. Atypical Addisions is easily treated with daily medication that is very reasonably priced. Anyone interested in Louis is encouraged to learn more about Atypical Addisons and speak with your veterinarian.