Meet Bosley
Species Dog 
Breed Boxer 
Age 10 years 6 months 18 days 
Gender Male 
Color Fawn 
Housetrained Yes 
Adoption Price $200.00 
Stage Available
Hey everyone, I'm Bosley....well that's what these fine folks at the rescue call me. But I like it cause it reminds me of that show Charley's Angels where Bosley is in charge and has 3 beautiful ladies by his side. So I'm digging it. You may ask me why I wound up in rescue at my age. Well I like adventures, I like to see the countryside. So much to smell, good and bad. So I kept adventuring and I guess my family got tired of coming to get me out of doggie jail. So now I'm in doggie jail at the rescue (they call it a kennel). But it's ok because I got something called heart worms and they are treating me for that. I didn't know my heart was broke because my heart is full of love for everybody. Well except cats.....those are my arch nemesis and I just don't like them at all!!! But kids are cool and girl dogs are the best. Did I mention that I love the ladies? I got a girlfriend right now and her name is Virginia so if you want to check her out please do. Virginia and I got a lot in common....except she likes cats! What in the world is wrong with her? Oh well to each their own. So anyways, if you want to meet me you have to fill out an application to adopt me. But you have to have a fence to keep me from my adventuring ways. Okie dokie? Much Love ~ Bosley