Meet Humphrey
Species Dog 
Breed Welsh Corgi, Pembroke/Border Collie 
Age 5 years 1 month 16 days 
Gender Male 
Size Medium 
Adoption Price $150.00 
*ALERT* *ALERT* We have a low rider in the building! This peeping tom enjoys casual conversations in the lavatory, long walks in the woods, and doing a spin move off your leg. Humphrey says I'm very motivated by food and my nose. I tend to get very distracted by a scent in the yard, SQUIRREL, hence the long walks in the woods, so it would be best for me to have a fenced in yard or supervised walks/potty breaks. I'll let you know when I'm ready to snuggle by jumping on the couch and getting in your face until you pet me. My foster hoomans love that. I'm a middle aged man, but I don't have the dad bod, sorry. I'm single, want to mingle?

Humphrey is a 5 year old border collie mix who came from a hoarding situation. He needs an adopter willing to be patient and teach him how to be a dog, as he was living in a crate his whole five years of life. He chewed at that crate for so long, that he wore down his two bottom canines to the point that SAAP had to remove them because of cavities and pain to improve his quality of life. Because all he knows is crate life, I am treating him and training him as if he is a puppy with no prior instructions. He is very loving and gets very excited when his hoomans come home. He is learning the words sit, crate, and no, and does very well in a crate at night time and when we are gone. He is VERY interested in my cats, so I would say slow supervised intros only or no cats at all. He hasn't show any aggression towards them, but is just VERY intrigued and interested. He has also done just fine with my resident dog, who is 70 pounds. Because he wasn't taught any manners and had nothing his whole life, he guards his toys from my resident dog, but that is an easy fix through boundaries and/or toy removal. Again, living in a crate meant he wasn't on a potty schedule, so he is doing really well with potty training and has had only two accidents.(one in his crate and one outside his crate). His new adopter will need to be vigilant about potty breaks and his potty cues.