Meet Shadow
Species Dog 
Breed Retriever, Labrador/Mix 
Age 7 years 5 months 6 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Adoption Price $150.00 
Shadow is such a wonderful companion once he's comfortable enough to shed his shy shell. He'll be so reserved initially you may not even realize he's there with you quietly observing your routine. While you're getting acquainted with your new best friend, Shadow would appreciate a crate. He's such a good boy, you can even leave the crate's door wide open so he can explore on his terms.
Shadow is a smallish-large dog (58 pounds) and he had been with me for four weeks before gaining enough confidence to venture beyond the fenced confines of my small, city, barely-grassed yard to join me on a walk. What a surprise -- Shadow is an absolutely fantastic walker! Almost always eager to be walked, but neither a puller or dragger. He just goes wherever you go and doesn't mind waiting for his 2 smaller housemates to sync their directions. While Shadow is not leash, dog, cat, or rodent reactive, he remains a bit uncertain in the company of men. This guy prefers to be the ladies' man.
Shadow would likely enjoy another dog or two to cajole him into the doggie good life. Shadow soothes himself at night with a chewy or stuffy or sometimes surrounds himself with all the toys or awakens to a pile of fluff in the morning. And he's pretty gentle & quiet though recently, he has a little conversation with me every meal about why he's the last pup to get fed.