Meet Nikki
Animal ID 47926133 
Species Dog 
Breed Retriever, Labrador 
Age 6 years 2 months 7 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Color Black 
Declawed No 
Site CASA - Camano Animal Shelter Association 
Location Dog Building 
Intake Date 6/5/2021 
Nikki is a sweet energetic 6 yr old black lab with lots of love to give. She came to the shelter after a life-long battle with uncontrolled skin issues. It took a few weeks for Nikki to truly open up to us. You could tell that her skin was sensitive and that she was really uncomfortable. The day she arrived we started medicated baths and started slowly trying out high quality limited-ingredient diets. After long stints of antibiotics, retesting skin samples, rerunning lab work, a lot of trial and error with controlled diet options, and finally allergy medication she did improve greatly and became much more comfortable in her skin. It took some time, but we noticed that as her skin healed, and some hair grew back her true personality came out too. Due to the long-term skin infection a lot of Nikki's skin is permanently damaged and is not capable of growing hair anymore. This really is just an ongoing reminder of the hurdles she has overcome and shows how resilient this girl truly is. They say that scars on people tell a story of our strength and animals are no different.

Today Nikki is basking everything at the shelter in her happiness and is a very goofy lady! One of her favorite things is long walks in the warm weather. She is not a fan of the cold though, likely due to her lack of hair, and may need some fleece lined coats to stay warm but not rub on her skin uncomfortably. She loves to carry her favorite ball everywhere she goes and has an adorable bounce in her step. She loves people of all ages and has lived with children before. Nikki would do best as an only dog as she can become envious of other dogs and does not love companions of the feline variety.

Nikki weighs 54 Pounds.


- Nikki will need to stay on the hydrolyzed diet (Royal Canin) that she is on currently.

- She will need to continue with medicated baths (possibly 1 weekly) as she does get occasional skin flare ups depending on the environment.

- Nikki will need regular vet checkups to maintain the prescription for her food and Atopica medication. Atopica costs 120$ for a month supply.

*FOOD NOTE: We try raw diets on many of our skin issue dogs, but in Nikki's case we felt an RX diet was a better option as the next step considering the extent of her skin issues at that time. You will not be able to feed any other kibble types with her as the best ones with various different proteins were already exhausted at the shelter. BUT if you are a home willing to try a higher quality limited-ingredient RAW diet this was not tested with Nikki while at the shelter. It is the only untapped option she had yet to be seen on. Typically the shelter will move to a raw diet if there was even small improvements seen with the kibble change. With Nikki no kibble improved her issues and due to long term severity we felt the RX diet would be her best option at the time. Keep in mind that trying anything outside of her current diet could lead to added medical costs if it causes her to temporarily regress. Please consider having an open conversation with the shelter about any plans or ideas before and after adoption; working together could lower the chance of a skin regression.