Meet Merrin
Species Dog 
Breed Boxer 
Age 9 years 7 months 7 days 
Gender Female 
Color Fawn 
Housetrained Partially 
Adoption Price $100.00 
Stage Available
This is Merrin! Merrin and Marvin are a sweet pair who came in together and need to stay together. They are a breeding pair that never lived in a home until now that they are living at their foster parents home. Merrin had heart worms, but we put her through the treatment many months ago. Unfortunately, Merrin now suffers from Cushings disease and has to take daily medication. Merrin has a calm demeanor and doesn't have the energy she once did. But she doesn't mind going for a walk in the cool morning hours. She likes to fill her days taking naps, hanging out with her handsome boyfriend, Marvin, and getting lovins from her people. Oh and just like Marvin she LOVES her some treats! She is dog and cat friendly but Merrin doesn't have time for any hyper crazy dogs as that is so beneath her! Merrin has not had the best life and deserves a great home to live the remainder of her life. If you are interested in maybe adopting Merrin & Marvin, please fill out the adoption application online and the foster parents will contact you!