Meet Mason
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix 
Age 2 years 1 month 10 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Adoption Price $150.00 
Hi new potential families! My name is Mason and I am a 1.5-ish year old pit mix. I've been with my foster family for about 6 months while they worked out my skin/fur issues, but once they put me on duck and sweet potato diet my coat looks better than ever! Since I cant have normal dog treats its a good thing I LOVE ice cubes. I will sit and shake for those all day long.

My foster grandma has a dog my size that I love to run around with. I also had a foster sister that I loved to play with while she was here, except I did not share the toys very well. I don't really like when my humans try to take something from me either, but if asked to drop I eventually will. Cats are uncharted territory for me right now.

When someone enters my humans home I am very vocal about letting them know we have a guest. Once I get to know them though and determine they are no threat, the next step is for me to bring them a rope to play tug. I am very strong and love a good opponent.

Walks. I LOVE walks and going outside. I have lots of energy and would do best in a fenced in back yard where I can run around and take naps in the sun. When I get too much pent up energy I will definitely let you know that I need to be walked or played with. I would do best playing with someone a little older as I don't know my size well and might accidentally knock a smaller child down. I don't want to hurt or scare anybody.

My humans work from home so I am not accustomed to being in a crate all day, although I am for the most part crate trained. If I realize you are leaving then I will try my best not to let you catch me, but once I am in the crate I'm a good boy while you are gone.

Snuggles are top priority for me. If I fits I sits even if it I'm only partially on your lap. Sometime I even sit in the chair with you while you're working just so I can be close to you. And soft blankets, fleece is my favorite. With pillows too of course. Those are the best naps, only second to ones I take with you.

I like to play a game called figure out what I need. I will vocalize when its time to feed me, if I need to go out, or if I just want attention. My foster mom has been working on me asking politely though, so I know if my bark collar gets beeped I know I should calm down.

Somebody who has an active lifestyle would be the best fit for me. Pit experience would be a plus so you understand my mannerisms and needs best. Give me a little time to adapt and I will be the best doggo for you around. Oh... and I'm really handsome. I cant wait to meet you 😊