Meet Tucker - Medical Hold
Animal ID 45540818 
Species Dog 
Breed Catahoula Leopard dog/Poodle, Standard 
Age 3 months 5 days 
Gender Male 
Size Small 
Color Grey/Black 
Housetrained Unknown 
Meet baby Tucker. Tucker is an 8 week old Poodle/Catahoula mix. A few weeks ago he got caught in a door jamb and his hind end became paralyzed from the injury. The person who had this litter has been doing at home physio and trying to help him improve but was overwhelmed with the care that he needs. When he contacted the AVC for guidance, the Misfits were recommended and we are happy to help this little one with whatever he requires. He recently came into care and went directly to the AVC (Atlantic Veterinary College) for a complete work-up and diagnoses.

The report from his vet team describes that Tucker is healing from 2 fractured ribs. As well, he had a subluxation of the spinal cord which has started to heal therefore surgery is not an option for this little one. In the coming weeks we will work on getting him set up with a wheel chair, getting him on a regular schedule for his bathroom breaks and setting him up with weekly physiotherapy to see if we can get those little legs moving. Please check our Facebook page for updates on his progress.

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