Meet Puck
Animal ID 45447002 
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier, American Pit Bull/Mix 
Age 5 years 11 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Color Brindle/White 
Declawed No 
Site Seattle Animal Shelter 
Location Foster Care 
Puck is in a foster home and is currently not at the shelter. Please find info below on how to adopt him, thanks.

Hi, I'm Puck, and like most everyone, I have some quirks but that just makes me more interesting. My foster mom says I have lots of "nuance"... If you don't know what a Belgian Malinois is, you should read up about us - we are known for loyalty, herding and protection. Me personally, well I'm almost five years old, and have often been told that I'm a handsome boy with my shiny brindle coat and expressive ears. I'm also a fast sprinter with quick reflexes and I love to hunt for small critters outside and chase soccer balls!
My foster mom says I'm a sensitive soul with a sweet gaze that will turn any frown upside down. Once I trust you, I'm very affectionate and great at giving kisses (or cleaning your ears if they need that)! I definitely like a good nap, but I will be up and ready in the blink of an eye should you get off the couch and even hint that something new is going to happen-even if it's just going to the other room. Cuz I never know, there might be food there or you might open the door and I could find a rat to hunt outside! Also, I really love rolling around on the floor and will try to do yoga with you. I can spin in both directions, and some other cool tricks because I'm a smart pooch and learning is fun. Plus it usually comes with rewards. I think treats are amazing, and also love hearing "good boy" "you're so smart" "you're so funny" "yes" "wow" and I won't mind, you can go on and on. And I also really like soft touch and encouraging pats, and the occasional tussle.
Oh, before I forget, let's talk about toys! I love to roll around with them like a cat, lick them, use them as pillows, and [if it's my Jolly Ball] also chase them around the backyard [or just entertain myself blocking you from kicking the ball]. Anyway, toys rule (especially stuffed toys), and other than getting them all slobbery I take pretty good care of them. And when you come back home to me, I will always bring a toy to the door to welcome you. Because everyone loves toys!
But I gotta tell you, I can also be a little serious and a bit of a worrier, cuz I'm almost always trying to keep track of my surroundings and my person to make sure I know what's happening and that nothing is going to cause us any problems. When we meet, it'll take me a little while to get comfortable with you - but if you bring treats and patience and give me space, before long I'll show you a trick or two and maybe even shake your hand! I've been doing really good work on learning to relax and find my zen, but strange things or unfamiliar movements still startle me, so a calm adult-only home would be my first choice. I have made great progress though and want to continue that work with my forever family. I like knowing how to calm myself, because that makes me an even better watchdog and I like standing guard. I will let you know if someone's nearby and also chase any furry intruders out of the yard, sometimes loudly (my foster mom is helping me practice my quiet(er) voice every day, so "shh".)
Travel: I love being with my person so of course I think the car is pretty great - you can take me with you on errands and other places to explore - I even wear a seat belt. I do always prefer to go with you, but I've gotten pretty comfortable staying by myself-I can stay home alone for 4-5 hours without getting stressed, and I've never scratched doors or chewed on furniture.
Home life: I know all the dogs say this, but my ideal environment would be a house with a large yard and a tall fence on a quiet street. Or even a piece of land with open space I could help you take care of. My foster mom had a rottweiler in a studio apartment on lower Queen Anne no problem, but she says for me that would be mind-exploding, and I think she knows me pretty well at this point. So no apartments or even shared entrances for me-buildings like that have too many doors and corners with SURPRISE!! people and animals popping out. I like to be able to see things coming so I have time to prepare myself. Another one of my quirks? Well, I'm not so fond of other dogs. I've heard it can be fun to have dog friends, but I say we have to agree to disagree. Truthfully, I can get kinda worked up when I see one so I prefer to be your only canine, please. A chill cat housemate is a maybe-possibly with proper, slow introductions-but if you've got one of those skittish ones I'm probably gonna give chase...
Other random stuff about me: Looking at my svelte 65 pound physique, you might not guess that I have a healthy appetite. Apparently, I have what they call a high metabolism. Even more unusual, I love most kinds of fruits and veggies, and will even eat parsley and dandelions out of the yard. Leftover kale or broccoli? I'm your man! I'm also super easy about more surprising stuff-like I'll walk right into the bathtub, really! Impressive, huh? Nail trimming? No sweat - give me some celery or carrot sticks to munch and I'll let you Dremel me a nice tidy manicure. And remember just a couple minutes ago when I said loud noises could startle me? Well don't be shocked, but thunder and fireworks don't seem to be a problem. Yeah weird, right?
About you: I'm generally selective about humans but I tend to like the ladies more, though I have met a couple of cool guys that I feel comfortable with. I don't care how big or strong you are cuz I look big but I'm pretty easy to handle (remember I told you my foster mom had a rottweiler? Well she also had a Pitbull, and a cousin with a Samoyed who pulled real hard, so she has some notion of comparison). As far as activity, I can hang with moderately active types, so you can be a runner or a gardener who lets me run around the yard and guard the yummy vegetables from the varmints. (And I only dig when I'm hunting). Ultimately, I really connect with my main person, and once you and I know each other good things can happen. Things like clear communication and helpful reminders, and keeping an eye on each other when we see things that could make one of us uncomfortable. Please be gentle, and patient, and clear about what you want and also clear when I'm doing something you like so I know what to do again. Please be generous with love, and space, and treats. Please be playful, and definitely please find my quirks endearing.
I hope this has helped you learn about me. Am I a little more work than some other dogs? Sure. Am I worth it? Absolutely! I can't wait to learn some things about you and see if we're a match! (And remember to read about the Belgian Malinois. there's also some really good youtube videos!)

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