Meet Babu Frik
Animal ID 45327742 
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Age 3 months 8 days 
Gender Male 
Declawed No 
Hey! Hey! I'm Babu Frik. I am a little small for my age, but do not let that fool you; I am a bundle of energy! I would love a home where I have another kitten-friend or energetic cat to play with. I even get along with dogs, too! My foster siblings are old and boring and won't ever play when I want to (which is ALL of the time). When I'm finally worn out, I will happily nestle next to your arm or nap on your shoulder. I am currently learning how to let people pet me without thinking their fingers are toys. Give me something to play with and I can entertain myself for hours. I'm not quite ready for adoption yet (my foster pawrents keep mentioning something about "getting me fixed," whatever that means), but after that happens I will be so excited to be with my forever family.