Meet Cash
Animal ID 45306925 
Species Dog 
Breed Retriever/Mix 
Age 8 years 1 month 27 days 
Gender Male 
Declawed No 
Cash and Reba are a bonded pair. A little about Johnny Cash and Reba; Cash loves to play ball. From baseball to tennis balls and anything in between. No matter what he's always happy and would let you throw it all day. Reba likes to sunbathe and roll in the grass. But most of all they love to be together. They have been together since they were adopted as puppies. They lost their human mother unexpectedly and have a little bit of anxiety about all the changes. They would be great companions for a family with it without children. They may want to play with cats a little too much so they may not be a great fit for a family that has them. If you are looking for 2 amazing pups to round out your family, these 2 are it!