Meet Wilson
Species Dog 
Breed Bulldog, English 
Age 10 years 2 months 3 days 
Gender Male 
Location Final Refuge 
Intake Date 7/22/2020 
Unfortunately sweet Mr Wilson was diagnosed with a heart base mass which is suspected to be a chemodectoma (type of tumor) and therefore, he has entered our Final Refuge program. His symptoms prior to going to the emergency vet recently were: rapid heart rate, difficulty lying down comfortably, slight quiver, cough, loss of appetite and two episodes of stumbling along with urinating. He had several episodes of collapse while at the vet. With medication, they have been able to lower his heart rate. He is also taking medication to improve the heart contractility/function. His testing revealed fluid around his heart but it is hopeful that will resolve now that his rhythm is corrected. Wilson's condition is not curable. At his age (estimated 10-11 years old), we will focus on keeping him comfortable and manage his symptoms with medication as long as it's effective. His amazing foster mom will do all she can to ensure he will continue to receive lots of love and snuggles & naps on the couch (which he loves!). Please keep this sweet boy in your thoughts.