Meet Obi
Animal ID 44998384 
Species Dog 
Breed Terrier/Mix 
Age 3 years 6 months 3 days 
Gender Male 
Size Medium 
Color Tan 
Intake Date 11/28/2021 
The Newport Beach Animal Shelter is starting round two with our search for a qualified adopter for our sweet and handsome Obi. At around 3 and a half years in age, he arrived completely unsocialized with humans and trauma bonded with his, more than likely, two smaller siblings. Shelter staff, volunteers, and our veterinarians have loved Obi through a serious medical situation and he fought with all of his might and has been thriving in our care for quite awhile. He is a medium to high energy almost medium-sized dog that loves his outings, is easy going with other dogs (He really could care one way or the other) and will need his meet and greets to occur at our shelter until he is familiar with you. An approximate amount of times that you will need to visit with him and take him out on walks is 4 to 5 visits. He is a very sweet dog but he will run if he is not able to identify you as his person. He is a dog that mentally needs to process familiarity to thrive. He will always need to be taken out on a leash and will feel most secure in a harness and/or wearing his canvas martingale collar. His look and fur type is what can be considered as highly adoptable. He is a less shedder (if any) and does need grooming. Obi is a fantastic eater and would enjoy an enclosed backyard where he can play with his family. Young children will not work well for Obi just because of their quick body movements and his, most likely, inability to truly bond with a child, let's say, under 9 years of age. He is an incredible dog that will excel in a warm and caring home. He's a very happy dog. Most importantly, if you'd like to begin the meet and greet process with our special boy, please ensure that your home is one where doors, to the public areas outdoors, are not left open.