Meet Gladys
Animal ID 44304029 
Species Dog 
Breed Bulldog/Mix 
Age 2 years 5 months 9 days 
Gender Female 
Declawed No 
Gladys is a gentle, delightful little tank of a dog. She has amazing ears which are never in sync with one another. She is a professional napper and likes to cuddle with her people, give kisses, hangout on the couch, explore the backyard and roam through the flower beds. She has been getting a crash course on manners and now sits and downs on command. She loves taking walks and is getting better about walking on lead without pulling. At 60 lbs, Gladys is strong and highly reactive to other animals pulling and lunging when she meets them. We are working to help her become less reactive and she is improving but should be the lone pet in a household. She is working on being crate trained and is eating meals and treats in the kennel to become more accustomed to it. She is a great dog and will be a fabulous addition to the right family.