Meet Bloomer
Animal ID 44247510 
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Medium Hair/Mix 
Age 1 year 5 months 27 days 
Gender Female 
Declawed No 
Meet Bloomer!
This gorgeous girl is a sweetheart and completelove bug. She follows her foster around the house and meows at her to pet her. She won't lay on her lap but she will lay down next to me to take a cat nap. She is quite the hunter! If she zeroes in on a fly she doesn't give up until she catches it and eats it. She is great with The 8 year old in the house. She lets him feed her, give her treats and lets him pet her. She likes playing with cat toys like the little balls chasing it up and down the hallway. She loves trying to catch the feather. If you are looking for a cat who is semi affectionate and an excellent hunter. Bloomer is your gal!