Meet Leeloo
Species Dog 
Breed Retriever, Labrador/Hound 
Age 3 years 7 months 8 days 
Gender Female 
Size Large 
Adoption Price $150.00 
Leeloo is a timid and sweet 50 lbs cattle-pit mix looking for a place to relax and be loved. She has genetal separation anxiety. Leeloo's minor anxiety decreases with routine and familiarity. Leeloo absorbs and reciprocates love for her humans and four-legged family members. She will show you her appreciation with kisses and giving you an "awhooga" which is darling. She doesn't require a lot of attention and is content with a safe space, routine and occasional walks. She isn't jealous and let's other dogs eat their food even when she is done. She knows "sit, stay, this way, no" and is very easy to train. At first she was hesitant to be left alone but was fine in a plastic crate and after a week could roam with no issues. Just be cautious the first 2 weeks. She truly wants to be a good girl and is absolutely perfect once acclimated.