Meet Tootsie Roll (bonded to Joe Joe)
Species Dog 
Breed Catahoula Leopard dog/Mix 
Age 12 years 1 month 20 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Adoption Price $25.00 
A couple weeks ago these guys officially became SAAP doggies. See poor guys have totally had their worlds turned upside down. They were involved in a house fire and lost their daddy because of it.Tootsie and Joe Joe were not just their daddy's dogs but also neighborhood dogs. They used to roam around the neighbored hood checking in on everyone.

Tootsie Roll has been able to adapt the quickest. He loves to meet all the doggie friends especially the ladies. Tootsie Roll is estimated as a senior dog, but he gets around great. He loves to veg out on comfortable blankets, dog beds, and the couch. He is a little bit of a hog with his food and needs to be feed separately from his fur friend.

Joe Joe probably had the hardest time adjusting. This guy would barely eat anything for days, he would cower and hide basically not wanting to live. This poor guy went from being an outgoing pup to the complete opposite. Joe Joe is slowly coming out of his shell. He still hides a little bit but also loves coming over to me for pets. He is great with all the other doggies. He likes his crate although we are working on him always wanting to be in there!!!

These guys are a bonded pair and will be adopted together. They would love a leisurely lifestyle with a nice fenced in yard to roam!!

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