Meet Toby
Animal ID 43204325 
Species Dog 
Breed Miniature Pinscher/Mix 
Age 10 years 2 months 6 days 
Gender Male 
Declawed No 
Welcome this wonderful, mature, little man to the One Love Foster Family - Toby! We received a phone call about 4 months ago from a young lady about to go to college and Toby was her dog that her father told her now that she was leaving for college, go and take Toby, a 10 year old min pin mix to the local shelter as he was not going to care for him when she left. She was driving around with Toby when she called, crying and hoping for a miracle so she wouldn't have to surrender Toby to the local, kill shelter. We are so upset with her story. She was 3 hours away from us and we agreed to take him into our care. It took pleading to her father for him to finally agree to drive half way to meet us and when we got him, he obviously was not properly cared for. We have worked through his skin and ear infections and his fur is slowly coming back. Toby is such a joy to have around, has fit right into our foster home of little dogs and would be a wonderful companion for a low-key family. Consider adopting this Senior. You will not be disappointed!