Meet Gelfling
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Age 5 years 1 month 24 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Color Black/Orange 
Declawed No 
Location Mill Civic Parkway 
Gelfling is a sassy and dignified empress who knows that simply being a queen was not royalty enough for her! She adores watching her empire from on high and plotting her next tactic in the Campaign of Daily Wet Food Treats while watching out the window. This independent, confident, and beautiful empress is also currently in the market to find the best human servants to serve her and her empire! Gelfling doesn't ask for much but a comfy place to nap, a window to look through, and delicious meals to eat: can you answer her call? Come meet Gelfling today and bask in the presence of an empress! Gelfling has also been sponsored, meaning there is no fee to adopt her!