Meet Gailen - Adoptable
Animal ID 42864236 
Species Dog 
Breed German Shepherd 
Age 1 year 1 month 19 days 
Gender Male 
Size Large 
Color Black/Tan 
Housetrained Yes 
Special Needs  
Adoption Price $375.00 
***COVID-19*** Adoption Applications will now be accepted for Adoptable dogs. Applications will be given a preliminary review and any selected applicants will be held on file until normal operations can resume.

Gailen was born with his stomach in his esophagus. At 4 weeks of age he underwent a gastroesophageal intussusception to correct the issue. The surgery was successful, however he also was diagnosed with a severe case of megaesophagus. This affects the muscles and nerves of his throat and his ability to swallow food. Dogs with this condition are at a high risk of regurgitation of their food and may develop aspiration pneumonia as a result (this can be fatal). Therefore Gailen is on a very special diet and CANNOT be fed anything other than his food and special treats. He can drink water on his own like a normal dog with no issue. We also suspect Gailen may have a sensitivity to wheat and/or barley, which results in diarrhea for him. He is currently being fed a grain free puppy kibble that is soaked in hot water and then blended smooth to resemble canned/wet dog food. This is rolled into meatballs (as is recommend to feed ME dogs) and are hand fed to him while in his Bailey chair. Once he has finished his meal, he needs to sit upright in his chair for 15 mins. He is fed 3 times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. He can receive his special Puff treats (puffed rice cereal designed for babies) at any time and does not need to be in his chair or to sit upright for these. Other than the megaesophagus, Gailen is a healthy, happy pup!

Gailen is a typical high energy curious 11 month old pup! He enjoys playing with other dogs, is good with cats, good in the car, and is doing well learning basic commands and developing reliable recall. He still needs some work with training as all young dogs do. He can sometimes be timid meeting new dogs and people but warms up quickly. Due to his megaesophagus, he needs to be monitored as he likes to rip up Kleenex, rip the stuffing out of toys, etc. and he typically tries to eat whatever goes in his mouth. He is muzzle trained for outdoor adventures so he isn't able to graze on whatever nature provides, but will still need supervision to prevent any accidents. For his safety he is crate trained and is put in his crate when his family isn't home and overnight to sleep.

Megaesophegus is a serious condition but with proper care does not need to affect Gailen's quality of life. Once you meet this gorgeous boy you will agree that he is worth the extra commitment.

Obedience classes mandatory.
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Preference will be given to applicants with previous knowledge and experience.
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