Meet Furman
Species Dog 
Breed Retriever, Flat-Coated/Mix 
Age 9 months 23 days 
Gender Male 
Size Medium 
Adoption Price $150.00 
Furman is a Flat Coat Retriever/Border Collie mix. He will remain small/med sized...guessing 20lbs as an adult.

He's very sweet and sometimes shy if he doesn't know you. As a herding breed, he uses his mouth to get your attention, as soft bites. He's not the least bit aggressive but is mouthy so might not be great with small children. He does great with his foster siblings so he's dog friendly. He's also completely quiet in his crate. He'll even let you sleep in on the weekends.

He came to us unhealthy from a hoarding situation. Furman has been diagnosed with Megaesophagus. This means he has difficulty keeping food down unless special precautions are taken. Softened food is better for him. He's currently eating Fresh Pet and that's been amazing. He also had a special chair, known as a Bailey Chair, built for him. He's required to stand in it while he eats. He loves his chair and goes straight into it for meals. His chair will go with him to his forever home. He also requires daily meds, Metoclopramide, which can be put on his food.

He had a skin condition when he arrived in rescue, probably the result of poor nutrition and care. It has cleared but some of the fur on his face hasn't completely returned. We like to say he's wearing his Super Hero Mask.

Through all of his challenges this boy is one happy, playful dude. His foster family is so thrilled with his progress. It's monumental! And he's finally ready to start looking for a forever family.