Meet Bailey
Species Dog 
Breed Bulldog, French 
Age 11 years 7 months 4 days 
Gender Male 
Location Final Refuge 
Intake Date 9/18/2019 
Our darling Bailey came to us in rough shape. Extremely emaciated, suffering from severe GI symptoms from undiagnosed IBD, chronic untreated UTI, bladder stones, and nerve damage from prior surgeries that left him incontinent. Through all of his days at the vet, the specialist and in the dreaded bath tub, he kept an especially rosy disposition. He is always with the family. No matter where we are, he will follow, even napping with the kids and sleeping in the bed at night.

It took over a year, but we finally found a food he tolerates (though he still suffers flares), his chronic UTI is under control for the moment, and we don't mind the incontinence as he's the cutest little diaper baby around! Unfortunately, over that year, he started having seizures. Currently well controlled by meds.

He's been moved over to the BHNW Extreme Medical Final Refuge program where he'll be taken care of furever! We will love him for all the days he has left in this life!