Animal ID 41676001 
Species Dog 
Breed Australian Shepherd 
Age 4 years 2 months 7 days 
Gender Female 
Size Small 
Color Red/White 
Declawed No 
Site CASA - Camano Animal Shelter Association 
Location Foster Program DOG 
Intake Date 5/14/2019 
ATHENA needs a $5000 surgery in order to elevate pain from an old accident and old surgical repair which didn't heal properly! You can help her today! (Surgical day: June 5th)
Athena is just 4 years old, but you wouldn't realize that if you were to see her walk. This very special lady is newer to CASA and already has the staff falling in love. In Athena's past life she was badly injured which lead to reparative surgery for both rear legs. For an unknown reason her post-surgical state did not end well and she was left with chronic pain and mobility issues from things not healing properly. She has pins in her left leg, and wire in the right let where her femur healed incorrectly. This is causing her pain and mobility issues which had to be addressed. Athena recently saw an orthopedic surgeon and it has been decided that surgery to re-repair the right leg since it is causing the majority of her issues. They will remove the old wire, rebreak and clean up the femur, and install a plate and screws to stabilize it. They will also be fixing the kneecap since this is also out of place. Because Athena's other rear leg was also previously damaged she cannot simply have the more problematic leg amputated. With surgery we are hoping to improve mobility, lessen her chronic pain, and prevent further degrading of joints and mobility as she ages.
Athena wants nothing more than to run and play like a normal dog and CASA wants to help make this a reality! $5000 is the middle range of her surgical estimate, and this does not include other pre-surgical costs we have already covered. If you would like to donate to Athena's care or other animals like her please visit the donate page of our website. We can't help animals like her without you!

WAYS TO DONATE: You can donate on our facebook page through the donate button Athena's post. Alternatively you may donate in person at the shelter, by mail, or via paypal through our website on the Donate page there ( The Donate page also has our mailing address. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!
*ATHENA IS IN FOSTER AWATING SURGERY - she is not available for adoption.

*Miss Athena is extremely loving and sweet but takes time to warm up to new people. She can be very weary but responds well to slow, calm and quiet introductions. Athena has lived with other dogs and cats and does great with both. She really loves the company of other animals. This lady is spunky, playful and bonds strongly to her people. She is a total cuddle bug. Due to her anxiety she would do best with a dog savvy, consistent, and confident owner.