Meet Lonesco
Species Dog 
Breed Australian Cattle Dog/Terrier, American Pit Bull 
Age 1 year 4 months 2 days 
Gender Male 
Size Medium 
Adoption Price $150.00 
Ionesco (answers to Nesco) is a 15 month old male lab/pit mix, maybe a Plott Hound thrown in for good mix. He has a beautiful brindle face. He's all around a gorgeous dog. Ionesco is a submissive dog to other dogs, and wants to come and sit with you on the couch, roll on his back and get his tummy rubbed! He has recently had his world turned upside down. He was adopted as a puppy to a family with a farm, but after keeping him for over a year, they surrendered him because he chased their chickens. He has shown no prey drive to the resident dachshund at foster mom's!

He will bark at someone walking by the house. So far though, he likes the people he actually gets to come in contact with, so, I don't think he'd make the best guard dog - but, trust me, anyone walking out in front of your house, they will never know what a sweetie he is! He loves to play with the other dogs, and loves to be near foster mom, but as he is getting more comfortable, he's willing to wander around by himself. He especially loves to chase the other dog his age around a tree, and thanks to all this rain, there will be no need to rent a rototiller this summer! He appears housebroken, and knows basic commands, but for his sense of confidence, would probably benefit from more training.

He slept fine in his crate, he doesn't love it, but, once we all go to bed, he calms down and bunkers down for the night. He's also been good about going in the crate when there won't be any humans at the house.
He will do great in a home with a person or people who are willing to let him settle down and give him a sense of security. He is medium-high energy, and not small (about 55-60 pounds), still, he doesn't realize he is that big. He is quite smart, so, boundaries would be important. And above all - no chickens running around!