Meet Lucinda
Species Dog 
Breed Beagle/Mix 
Age 4 years 2 months 8 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Adoption Price $200.00 
Lucinda is a 4.5 year old hound boxer mix who loves her people and is full of exuberance. She would love to be your exercise buddy and also snuggle every day! She is eager to please and just wants to belong. She has a habit of jumping up on people, but will sit on command and just needs a family committed to helping her use her manners. She was recently returned after 3.5 years, because she's high energy and they were expecting a baby. Due to this she needs a family who won't give up on her or mistreat her. I believe her previous family loved her but also mistreated her for not having manners (that weren't taught- she is teachable!)
She would do well with a tolerant dog in the home who can be introduced slowly and react gently to her rambunctious attitude. An adopter with experience introducing dogs would be best. She is doing well with the senior, tolerant dog in her foster home, and will be slowly introduced to other dogs hopefully soon. She will chase cats, so a cat free home is best. She may accidentally knock small children over, so dog savvy older children, or teens would be best in her forever home. Lucinda loves going for walks and hikes, and would benefit from training to help her use her mind as well. She is crate trained (with a little quiet woofing) and house trained. She had a few occasions of excited pee in her foster home, but she just needs kindness, boundaries and understanding in her forever home, as she learns she is safe and there is a new routine. Wth exercise, training and understanding, and maybe a sweet dog friend, Lucinda is absolutely best friend material; she loves her humans instantly! She is about 35 pounds, spayed, and up to date on vaccines.