Meet Reese
Animal ID 40646105 
Species Dog 
Breed Boxer/Mix 
Age 11 months 16 days 
Gender Female 
Size Medium 
Color Sable/White 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Yes 
Site Central Coast Herding Dog Rescue 
Location Paso Robles 
Intake Date 9/28/2019 
ARN Long Beach confiscat 
Reese, now Bella, 7 MONTHS, female, Boxer mix, Rescue

Bella was inappropriately adopted out... on my watch!
These people got by me. Swearing their love of Boxers, and no problem with the fact they are an older couple. Oh no, very active. Have had these dogs for ever. We all failed Bella miserably. Her owners were not active enough to own any dog, let alone this high spirited girl.

Luckily, Bella is still very well adjusted, outgoing, loves people and other dogs.

Now, we start over, looking for an active owner who is looking for a great companion!

Make no mistake, the puppy photos are from January 2019, when she was found on the streets of Orange County. Actually, a Walmart puppy...
I did have her owners visit my friend and colleague Cheri Lucas, for behavior evaluation and training. She did beautifully, her owners not so much... it was ominous. After a few months when they dropped off on their consistency and Bella was not under their control, they unceremoniously dropped her off at the humane society, who notified me. Bella can be met and adopted, at Santa Maria Valley Humane Society. And as soon as I have a spot, she's coming to Paso Robles!

Bella's original post:
My niece is following in my footsteps... I'll deal with that later.

Right now, we need a great home for this little.
Given up by a homeless man in So Cal.

Reese is an approximately 8 week female Boxer puppy, with a full tail! And of course un-cropped ears. No trauma, no drama in her short time here. And it's going to be that way for this puppy, for the rest of her life.

If you want to meet and possibly adopt her, please email

To download an application to meet Reese: or email:

Central Coast Herding Dog Rescue, is a Rescue Alliance partner, a federally recognized 501(c)3 non profit organization, dedicated to finding great dogs, great homes. County of San Luis Obispo Animal Service Operating Permit #C2649. Thank you for reading about Reese, and thanks for considering rescue!