Meet Merea
Animal ID 40264922 
Species Dog 
Breed Hound/Bulldog 
Age 2 years 6 months 17 days 
Gender Female 
Declawed No 
The first thing people tend to notice about Merea are her piercing golden eyes. Behind those
eyes is a story of survival and perseverance. Merea and her sister, Suede (adopted), were
found abandoned at only 6-months old with severe chemical burns along their backs and
necks. While it took some time to heal, both dogs blossomed and revealed their sweet and
trusting personalities.
Despite the scars along her back, Merea's heart has healed. This darling pup can bring a
smile to anyone's face, even on the worst day. While this sweet girl adores people, she
prefers to be the only animal in her humans' lives. Merea tends to be overwhelmed by more
brazen dogs and busy environments; she would do well in a calm home where she will be
provided with an abundance of snuggles and treats. Merea understands basic commands, but
would still benefit from ongoing training.
Merea says: Don't let my pouty face fool you...I win the gold medal in snuggling. I will always
be by your side, and sometimes even on your lap! Keep cats and other dogs at bay, because
I insist on being an only child. Please adopt me!