Meet Pippa
Animal ID 39582058 
Species Cat 
Breed Domestic Shorthair/Mix 
Age 11 months 16 days 
Gender Female 
Size Small 
Color Black/Tan 
Declawed No 
Housetrained Yes 
Site Romeoville Humane Society 
Adoption Price $150.00 
ARN 18C38 
Pippa starts as a timid girl but if you don't rush her and give her just a little time to trust you she becomes VERY sweet and affectionate. She LOVES to be pet and starts to purr purr purr immediately. She now enjoys being snuggled by her foster mom ON HER TERMS and she will lay on you to take a nap when she's ready. This adorable girl likes to play (laser pointer please!), but does not like to wrestle, play rough, or be the object of a game of chase; she would tolerate a fairly docile playmate that is just her gentle speed, but we feel she would truly be happiest as the queen of her castle as an only pet. * NO DOGS PLEASE, she exhibits much fear at the adoption center. Any potential adopters will need to be patient and gentle, and expect it will take a bit of time to earn Pippa's love and trust as we feel she will need to slowly acclimate to her new environment and may do her fair share of hiding in the beginning. A more laid back home with no rambunctious or small kids is best for Pippa, so she can study her surroundings peacefully and see it's ok to let her loving purrrrsonality shine for her new owner/s. Older kids who understand how she is feeling and not be too loud or wild around her would probably be fine, but young ones that are always running about will not make her comfortable. At the adoption center, she has lost most of her fear and is front and center of the cage for petting, even enjoying lap time with the volunteers she has come to know and trust. But once out, her initial reaction is to run from someone if she feels like she will be picked up and restrained. The key is to let her come to you. Pippa is truly a lovely girl and will make a devoted companion, for that one owner who is willing to give her the time she needs... it will be worth the wait!