Meet Dover
Animal ID 39486547 
Species Dog 
Breed Bulldog/Mix 
Age 2 years 3 months 21 days 
Gender Male 
Declawed No 
Hey ya'll! My name is DOVER and I am a little over 2 years old!!! I have been with One Love since I was about 3 months old and all of my brothers and sisters have found their furever homes. Annnddd, I would really, really like to find my person(s) to watch over and love with all my might. So, I have asked my super cool foster mom and dad to help me put into words what would be my perfect fit*(see below)*! Maybe you are wondering why I am still with my foster parents for over a year now. Well, they have told me I have allergies to several things in my environment and they are most likely in everyone's environment, so I eat special food and need allergy shots about every 4-8 weeks depending which part of our lovely Georgia season we are currently in. My skin was a mess when I was waaay younger and I had to go to a place called "the Vet" so often that now I really don't like going there at all. Car rides scare me but I am getting better and can sometimes look out the window when we are going down the road. I am working on meeting new people and trusting them around those I love. I love to play with my foster brother because we have the same "energy" level (it can go from super high to just lounging on the deck watching the birds). I don't understand older dogs who don't want to roughhouse. I know everyone loves kids but they are not for me, can't help it (I don't trust them). I really just need a small family that I can hang out with, watch over and have them watch over me. Let me know if you want to meet!

Dover would do best with a single person or couple without children or a lot of people coming and going, he needs consistency. He needs someone who will watch his skin color and behaviors that will tell when his allergies are getting bad, which can put him in a bad mood because he is miserable (the allergy shots are a savior). Dover is always on alert, until he trusts (a person or situation), so it is hard for him to relax and be the happy go-lucky dog who wants to meet everyone. New situations can overwhelm Dover and he needs to be handled with confidence and attention. He does not like larger crowds of people or dogs. He loves to play - whether it is tug-o-war with a rope or throwing his favorite toy to himself - but also loves to lounge around just knowing you have his back just as much as he has yours. He will always let you know if someone or something is out of the ordinary around the house. Dover is a super handsome and good boy who is just looking for his person to watch over and be best of buds.