Meet Jonesy
Species Dog 
Breed Chihuahua, Short Coat/Mix 
Age 7 years 9 months 12 days 
Gender Male 
Size Small 
Adoption Price $150.00 
Meet my buddy, Jonesy.

Stats: Male
12 lbs
Looking for love

Personality: Loving, snuggly, a bit jealous/possessive, choosy about his dog friends; prefers to be the only dog, ignores the cat, nervous around loud, fast moving, grabby young children; prefers children who are old enough to understand this about him.
He can be a bit grumbly when being picked up, but you just ignore it and he's happy with the end result; he'll lay his head on your shoulder as you gently sway with him.

Likes- A blanket to keep him warm and cozy, his crate, a sweater when it's chilly out, sleeping under the blanket with his human, FOOD, Benebones, flavor-it bones, treat balls and games, small ice cubes, walks, car rides, snuggling with his humans during evening tv time, healthy treats like carrots, green beans, blueberries, apples, and sweet potatoes.

Dislikes- 🤔

Things you should know: He can get a nervous stomach, give him a little pumpkin, he should either always be leash walked or picked up after when going out; he likes to hunt for "yard treats." 🤢 He takes medicine like a champ, he will wave his paw at you and give you fives and fist bumps. His eyes and ears are so adorable expressive. He lives with 6 dogs and they can get along fine, but there can also be friction. He's much happier and enjoyable as an only dog. He enjoys his crate as retreat with a crate pad and soft blanket. His paws are super soft. He will mark things that are new or left out of place. I use a belly band when needed. He shouldn't be given too much room to roam from the start and a squirt bottle and sharp "no" is all you need to eliminate unwanted behavior. His nicknames are The Jones and Mr. Jones; for some reason, Mr. Jones grabs his attention quicker when he's being naughty.