Meet Pippy
Species Dog 
Breed Lhasa Apso/Mix 
Age 4 years 2 months 10 days 
Gender Female 
Size Small 
Color Tan/Wheaten 
Pippy is ready for her new home!!

Pippy is a little girl who had some issues with the disks in her back. She was not able to hold her urine or bowels but has greatly improved.

We brought her to AVC in PEI where the orthopaedic specialist declared her healed and not in need of surgery. We were advised to stop all medications and ensure we do not let her jump ( much easier said than done). She is waking well now, has mostly all control of her bladder and bowel and is amazing.

Pippy is what I like to call bomb proof. She has not met a dog she doesn't like, loves people and is super bonded to whoever she thinks is "hers".

Pippy is not good with cats, can be in a home with older children and is dog friendly.

Please apply at

Please note that Pippy may experience IVDD again and could require surgery in the future so new family would have to be committed to providing care for her should that be required
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